How to Use Customer Complaints to Enhance Service Quality

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July 23, 2012 — 1,567 views  
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Customer complaints might seem unpleasant, but they can provide an effective learning tool to client relations representatives. When it comes to improving customer service, you should consider checking out past problems clients have experienced so you can better help consumers in the future.

Check out this list to examine ways to enhance your business' customer service:

1. Display a positive attitude - Disputing every customer complaint won't get you anywhere - be sure to maintain an open mind when reviewing these issues. Tracking trends, such as ongoing problems many clients experience, will help you find resolutions that can impact the long-term success of a business.

Additionally, examine your past responses to customer issues and whether or not these resolutions were effective. Be sure to categorize complaints, as this will help you track results. Meanwhile, you'll be able to see exactly what problems impact clients the most, and can implement strategies to eliminate such issues.

A positive attitude gives you the opportunity to view customer complaints with an emphasis on education and improvement. This serves as a great way to become a better customer service representative and enhance your value to your company.

2. Consider training - Tutorials can be effective to teach a group of employees about issues that are affecting a company's customers. When clients experience poor support, they become less likely to maintain a relationship with a business. However, companies that invest in customer service training give themselves an excellent opportunity to help employees and their clients.

Training can be completed in a variety of ways. Employers might consider hands-on tutorials, instruction manuals and workshops to teach their staff members how to best handle certain customer complaints. While this training is valuable, companies should reinforce these lessons periodically to ensure customers are consistently receiving top-notch support.

3. Complete regular evaluations - While it's useful to establish high-quality customer service support, you'll need to review your methods and techniques to make sure they are working properly. Developing charts and graphs can be helpful, as they provide a visual representation of how well client relations representatives are assisting clients.

Businesses should be able to see noticeable increases in customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction when they examine customer complaints. This could lead to a rise in profits, and might allow companies to expand their operations.

Customer Service Training Resource