The Top 3 Ways to Build Customer Relationships

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July 18, 2012 — 1,408 views  
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Building customer relationships will require time and effort, but the benefits could prove to be astronomical. You might notice increased customer loyalty and satisfaction if you attempt to build rapport with consumers.

Consider the following tips:


1. Be empathetic - Customers might contact you for a variety of reasons, and taking a moment to view their issue or problem from their perspective can help you in several ways. You'll be able to better assist this customer, as you'll understand why he or she needs your guidance. Additionally, this consumer will notice that you're interested in providing top-notch service rather than simply offering support and moving on to the next client, which will help you build long-term relationships.

2. Offer rewards - Show that you care by providing incentives to your customer. This will help make a consumer happy, and may increase the likelihood that he or she will choose your company over competitors.

3. Maintain contact - A simple follow-up call or email can make a world of difference for consumers. This shows that you truly care that the client received the assistance he or she requested, and reflects the consumer's value to your business.

Customer Service Training Resource