Using Online Chat Tools to Communicate With Customers

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July 6, 2012 — 1,496 views  
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A wide variety of businesses can implement live chat tools to improve customer service. Often referred to as web chat, the real-time, two-way text interaction between a customer and a representative over the internet can increase client satisfaction and drive sales.


According to Target Marketing Magazine, an internet retailer can increase the percentage of e-commerce browsers that end up buying products by 10 to 15 percent if the customer engages in a live chat.


The benefits of online customer service chat tools

Implementing a live chat service solution can allow a business to provide rapid, resolution responses to customers. According to Chain Storage, chat tools can reduce operational contact center costs by limiting the price of one-on-one interactions. In addition, the program allows a service agent to conduct multiple conversations with customers at the same time for a truly integrated approach to solving non-complex issues.


A proactive chat facility can create a robust workflow and give customer service agents more control, claims Cisco Systems, a leader in data networking. The solution provides the added benefit of giving an agent the ability to interact with a customer online. For example, emails, link sharing and even encryption adjustments can all be made while working with the person via the web.


Best practices for implementing live chat services

To ensure the integration of a live chat tool is successful, a business may need to create strategic plans of action before deploying the device. According to Target Marketing Magazine, the first critical component of a live chat system is the presentation.


Determine when and where the click to chat option is displayed and how customers are ushered to the solution. Identify the key areas to engage customers, such as when they first enter the website, delve into product pages, look into service descriptions to enhance the chat service.


In addition to promoting the use of the tool, a business will need to make sure that live agents are ready to successfully use live chat. If customer representatives are struggling with the interface, clients will become frustrated and are more apt to leave the purchase in the online shopping cart or cancel a service.

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