Live Support Chat for E-Businesses

Tim Burris
June 10, 2012 — 1,421 views  
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When E-commerce and online retailers arrived on the business scene, it was  thought that the need for live support was over. After a decade, we are witness  to a phenomenal rise in demand for live customer support at acceptable costs  from online sites and e-retailers. If we compare live support chat to telephone  support, it is expensive, ineffective and a tad bit frustrating. Shoppers who  have had the experience of live telephone support would certainly agree.

Help sections and FAQs have been found to be equally ineffective in  addressing the customer needs and concerns. The information provided there is  either too generalized to find the relevant answer or it is so complex that  nobody is able to find the information. Live chat support for website is able to  provide a cost-effective and superior alternative for answering customer queries  and addressing sales needs. It is little wonder that a growing number of  e-businesses are implementing live chat for customer service.

Live support chat has not been around for a very long time but customers have  gotten used to the idea pretty quickly. A case study by Forrester Research found  out that the use of live chat was limited to 19% where available in 2001, 30% in  2003 and had risen to a staggering 60% usage by online shoppers in 2007.

One of the best features about live chat support for website is that these  services are available world-wide all set to provide 24/7 personalized live  customer service. Live chat is vital in quashing those bothersome questions that  can otherwise prevent sales.

Live Support Chat is a Cheaper Solution for Customer  Service

Live chat is far cheaper than live telephone support as chat operators are  able to service several customers at the same time. It has been estimated that  the average chat session can cost from $1 to $3 whereas the average telephone  help session can cost $10 to $20. These estimates may vary depending in  different industries.

Better Customer Satisfaction through Live Chat

Live chat support for website is able to provide better customer satisfaction  due to following:

1. The live support services are available 24/7
2. They are easy to use and provide faster results
3. Customers do not need to divulge their identity
4. Live support chat agents have pre-written responses and instructions and  don't need to memorize live help instructions. For instance, if you need to direct a customer to perform a certain action at a specific web, a chat agent  can simply "push" the URL and the customer gets there by clicking the  link.

Tim Burris


Tim Burris is a Marketing Executive at LiveAdmins. Established in 2002, LiveAdmins LLC is helping businesses in adding live support chat software to their website and increase their clientele by providing website live support. Its WebGreeters are providing live chat support for website in multiple languages like English, French and Spanish.