Customer Service Best Practices for Social Media

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May 11, 2012 — 1,338 views  
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Social media sites offer an innovative new way for companies to both market their brand and stay in touch with their customers. In fact, Media Bistro reports that there are over 206 million users on Facebook alone -- a number that adds up to more than seventy percent of everyone on the Internet. Businesses that don't try to tap into this trend are missing out. However, customer service professionals who are used to dealing with customers face-to-face or on the phone may have difficulty understanding how to interact with customers using Social Media.

Responding to Customer Complaints on Social Media

Social media sites offer an unprecedented way for businesses to reach out to their customers, but they also allow customers to reach back -- sometimes negatively. Customers often post negative comments on organizations' social media sites either because they do not feel they are getting heard elsewhere or because they genuinely think that they are helping others with these comments. Customer service representatives can try to mend broken bridges and minimize the impact of their negative comments by doing the following:

- Respond immediately to their negative comment. Offer a sincere apology and a suggestion of the company can correct the mistake.

- Do not delete negative comments -- unless they are obscene -- this will make other customers think the organization has something to hide.

- Send a private message to an offended client with a solution to his or her problem. After communicating with the client and resolving the problem, suggest the client post about the fact that the problem was resolved.

Branding on Social Media

Many people think that simply having a social media site will make their brands more popular or encourage people to learn more about their brands. This is not necessarily true. To build brand loyalty through social media sites, the following steps are necessary:

- Post often, and post interesting information. Do not just post information about products or services. Post things that people will want to read, watch or look at.

- Engage in conversation. Show customers that the company really cares about them by entering in their discussions. When individuals comment, comment back in a pleasant way. Don't just comment when someone complains.

- Link to other pages and comment on others' postings. Invite others to connect with the company page by connecting with their page first.

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