Customer Service Upselling: Best Practices to Capitalize on Every Call

March 30, 2012 — 1,449 views  
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Upselling is a sales technique used to increase sales through explaining to clients why they need additional services or products. In order to successfully employ it, it's important to understand that customer relations are an integral part of customer service upselling. To convince current customers they should purchase additional products, services or whatever is being offered, make sure that they are provided with the utmost levels of customer service at all times.

Realize that by proposing to a customer that he purchase another product or service that is more appropriate for his needs - or will complement what has already been purchased - you're fulfilling all of his needs. You are providing the customer with a service.

Knowing your customers is the best way to capitalize on every sales call. Understand their tastes, keep track of what they have purchased before and know what other products or services may be beneficial to them. Do not waste their time or yours by attempting to upsell irrelevant products.

Once you have successfully completed an upsell to a client, set yourself up for future upsell opportunities with continued support so a client will enjoy working with the company and remain interested in the product. Maintaining this positive relationship throughout the contract should make future upsells easier.