Improving NPS Score At Call Centers

March 20, 2012 — 1,558 views  
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Net Promoter Surveys or NPS are used in customer service call centers for the purpose of measuring the perception of customers towards the company as well as its products/services. These surveys also help to transform the current customer base of businesses into business promoters. NPS serves as a handy tool for understanding what the customers prefer about the products and services and what they do not like. The feedback of the business' current customers can be used for enhancing the operational practices of the businesses as well as the agents.

It is necessary to see improvements in the NPS score, and in case there are no improvements, customer service call centers know ways to improve the score incorporating many efforts. It is highly recommended for the US call centers to include their employees in the process; the staff at the telemarketing answering services can be the best promoters for businesses, so it is highly necessary to have them support customers. The agents at US call centers should be trained on the NPS score and how it must be handled to achieve the best results.

The enhanced NPS score helps to improve the businesses perception among the customer base in the market place. The higher the NPS score, the better are the benefits highlighted for improved customer perception. The staff should be encouraged to offer feedback on the customer perceptions about products/services from time to time; this should help businesses make any changes in the process if required.

The results obtained from the NPS score at the US call centers depends considerably on the contact data preparation. Any changes made in the business processes after knowing the NPS score means that the results should be highly effective. Scores can also be produced on how a particular business is perceived at several levels in an organization, such as at CEO, Director, Secretary, Financial Advisors and other levels.

Before conducting the survey, there should be enough opportunities for sampling. The survey can be conducted online through the email vehicle; in such a case, the sample rate of 30% and 40% is considered to be an average rate, while the sample rates above 50% are considered to be good and sample rates of more than 60% are excellent. It must be understood that if the sample rates are found to be around 20% or even below, it implies that the survey results might be misleading.

For improving the survey results to the maximum, it is essential for the agents at telemarketing answering services to conduct the surveys at regular intervals for setting the expectations of customers and deciding to prepare customers in advance by communicating the operational changes, which have gone through implementation since the last surveys.

It is a vital objective for NPS to transform the detractors into promoters of businesses. It must be remembered that nothing sells business products/services as well as happy existing customers. Between 2 surveys, it is necessary for the customer service call centers to keep the existing customer base informed on the changes made as a result of the NPS score.





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