How Is Live Chat Contributing To Improving Customer Service?

Sabrina Gage
February 7, 2012 — 1,292 views  
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As we all realized, market is becoming a customer-oriented one, and customer service is one of the most important factors in determining enterprises' success. How to improve customer service is a hot topic to research in. Nowadays, with the development of information technology, more and more service is provided through Internet. In e-commerce era, live chat customer service support is preferred to provide assistance for their customers.

1. Cost-saving

Some live chat software are offered 100% free. Enterprises can enjoy the quality and service of a commercial product without any expense.

2. Easy setup & zero management

Now, some companies deliver Live Chat as a FREE SaaS application and fully hosted by the hosting company. The hosting company takes care of all the server-side hardware, software, network and backup. As I know, some of the software are very easy to set up on a website, just apply for an account in website, get code and paste it onto your site, and then your site is ready for live chat.

3. Fully customizable

Enterprises can upload their own branding logo in live chat, as well as customize the chat button, chat window, sound alert, auto-invitation, invitation button, pre-chat question form, offline message form and so on. That's also many company expected.

4. Increase enterprises' business sales

Live chat helps you increase sales by improving your communication and relationship with your customers and mining more potential ones by sending chat invitation to more website visitors proactively.

5. Better customer service

Live Chat allows your website visitors to chat with your customer support and sales representatives in real time and have their questions answered instantly. Enterprises can provide better service for their customers in order to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. 360 Degree view of website visitors

With the full chat, offline message and navigation history, Enterprises can have a 360 degree view of their website visitors. The navigation history includes the complete history of how many times a visitor has been to the site, when and which page visited.

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In sum, no matter what software you use, the most important thing to improve customer service, in my mind, is that the enterprise must give enough attention to customer service and have a correct service value in every staff's heart. Of course, choosing effective and proper service software to provide service for your customers and cut costs is also very important. In order to enhance communication with your customers, it is very wise to make full use of all the on-line communication solutions.



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Sabrina Gage

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