How Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Can Affect Your Company

Harry Pearce
December 6, 2011 — 1,803 views  
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Mystery shopping seems to be a growing practice around the world as businesses try to monitor their customer service. By stepping into the shoes of their customer, they can gain perspective. This practice allows the business to understand how a customer may view their business and how they are treated by their employees. This often leads to improvements being made and problems being addressed.

Customer service is becoming increasingly important for businesses as it can often have a huge bearing on the amount of demand for their product or service. Receiving poor customer service in an industry where a consumer can freely move from one business to another, will always lead to the loss of a customer. They can also choose to pass on this poor review to many other people through word of mouth or through review sites on the internet leading to more negative press for your company.

This is why more emphasis is being made on positive customer service, as this can produce the opposite effect and lead to positive reviews on the internet and general encouragement to use your business above others. One of the most effective ways to monitor customer service is to literally become a customer and to test the service being offered by your employees. This allows you the opportunity to assess your employees and the level of service being provided.

It is important to spend time discussing what should be focused on by mystery shoppers and what feedback you would like them to give. This can include general behaviour, manners and ability to answer questions. Once the mystery shopping has taken place, you are then in the position to act on the information given to improve your company. If a particular location has performed poorly, you can address the situation and instruct them on what must be improved offering targets and rewards. Alternatively, if a location has performed admirably, the employees can be rewarded with gifts to show your appreciation for their hard work and positive service.

Through using mystery shopping, you are allowed an insight into the mind of the consumer and are able to assess your employees effectively. It is important that the information gained from the activity is used in the correct manner to address any issues that could be hampering your sales. Strong customer service should be a main priority for any business as it can result in loyal and returning customers as well as positive exposure for potential customers.


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Harry Pearce

Harry is a business consultant and has been fortunate enough to work with several successful companies. During his career, he has seen the various techniques used to monitor employee performance including mystery shopping. For more information on any of the topics raised in the article please visit JKS Mystery Shopping.