Exercising Effective Live Chat Support For Inbound Call Centers

Belinda Summers
October 4, 2011 — 1,221 views  
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One of the services offered by inbound call centers is answering service. Before, telephone has been the primary and only medium used to respond to inbound calls from customers. From automation, it evolved into a live answering service, satisfying more customers because of its personal touch. With the developments in technology and the rapid importance of the Internet, answering service has penetrated the world wide web. Web pages of companies can now utilize online chatting as another avenue to expand answering services. With this, live chat support has been created and continuously responding to inquiries and orders from Internet browsers.

Since then, live chat support is in the front line of answering service. With its great essence, it is a must to give out a good performance. Just like a telephone answering service, live chat support should be directed with proper guidelines. To be effective in this field, here are the following reminders:

1. Be nice and friendly.

Politeness is a universal rule, be it face-to-face, over the phone or at the Internet. A simple "please" or "thank you" helps a lot in leaving a positive mark on the customers.

Moreover, a prospect will not respond to those s/he regarded as rude and less accommodating. Friendliness has charms that work best when its sincere and this is what genuine customer service support is all about.

2. Never make a customer reiterate what s/he says.

One thing that makes blood level rise is when someone asks to repeat something. The same is true with live chat support. Customers might get irritated when asked to repeat what has already been said. Pay a close attention to the conversation and clearly understand it in order to avoid repeated questions.

3. Be articulate.

Ensure that sentences are not just correct in grammar but are also spelled properly. A poor composition will cause doubts about your ability.

4. Practice simplicity.

Figures of speech as well as long-winded works do not have a part in live chats. As much as possible, keep the sentences short, comprehensible and simple. Avoid using flowery words and idiomatic expressions. The danger in using these is that customers might misunderstand what you are really trying to say.

5. Respond swiftly.

One of the attributes in achieving success in a live chat support is wit. The ability to correctly and quickly reply to inquiries and concerns will mark an impression to sales prospects.

However, the meat of the conversation must not be trade-off for speed. Quick rejoinders which are meaningless or ambiguous are disastrous.

6. Feed the customer with relevant information.

A sales prospect might be fully or slightly informed, or ignorant at all. Keeping your customer informed with relevant data gives them understanding and a clear notion of what is happening.

7. Have sufficient knowledge about the company and its products and/or services.

Simply stated, you need to learn enough information about what you are selling and what the company is capable of. If you are ignorant, how can you answer every inquiry, concern and issue that a prospect might throw to you? There is no greater hell than the inability to provide the customers with the information they highly demand.

8. Give a good answer.

All of the questions and concerns that a customer will open must be responded appropriately and accurately. Never make a foolish reply just to keep the conversation going.

9. Patience is a virtue.

Do not let the customers' tantrums and impatience drive you to respond fire by fire. Stay calm and strike a good conversation that will make your prospects cool down. However, if the customers become abusive, you can always cease the session politely.

Belinda Summers

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