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Assigning Accountability in the Customer Service Department: Generate More Revenue and More Customers

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Holding yourself and your employees accountable isn't an option, it's necessary when it comes to serving customers.In every organization, each employee should complete tasks assigned in its entirety and in a timely fashion. In order to have accountability, each employee must take ownership of the outcomes they are responsible for. Some organizations will find that failure to assign accountability within their customer service department, can and will cause decrease in customer retention and revenue. This topic will provide you with five steps to developing a culture of accountability within your organization, how to develop standards and ensuring those standards are placed in writing. This information will be of utmost importance as it will also define the elements of accountability and how to have a solid game plan to move your organization forward.


Uwayne Turnbull, Turnbull Group Inc


Five Steps to Develop a Culture of Accountability Within Your Organization

• How to Develop Standards

• Ensuring Standards Are Placed in Writing

• Celebrating Positive Results

Elements of Accountability

• Outlining and Understanding the Nature of Work

• Problem Solving

• Understanding Internal Collaboration

Having a Solid Game Plan

• Staying on Top of Your Support

• Know Who's Working on What

• Operating as a Cohesive Team

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